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  Gaynor Torrance

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This is REVENGE, Book 1 in the DI Jemima Huxley Thrillers series - compelling crime fiction with a complex and driven female detective

To be published on 7 October 2019, REVENGE is available now for preorder

For a preview of what you can expect from REVENGE, view this video now...

About Gaynor


Gaynor Torrance writes contemporary crime thrillers and is the author of the gritty, Detective Inspector Jemima Huxley series. She chose to set these books in the Welsh capital city, as Cardiff is somewhere she knows and loves, having lived there for many years.

In 2018, Gaynor signed with Sapere Books for four DI Jemima Huxley crime novels. The first book in the series, REVENGE is due to be published on 7 October 2019 and the second book, SOLE SURVIVOR should be available early in 2020.

Gaynor has also written an international thriller, STEP UP OR DIE, set in New York, Toronto and London.

When she is not writing, Gaynor enjoys reading, playing the piano, walking, socialising with friends and family, and also travelling extensively with her husband.

What music does she like? What books does she enjoy reading? What's her favourite TV series? And more...

Meghan Dawson was one lucky lady. Born to a privileged family it seemed a natural progression when she married a multi-millionaire. But Meghan’s luck runs out when, in the midst of a maelstrom of political turbulence and shocking social carnage, her father, a US senator, is gunned down in New York and she inadvertently stumbles across the identity of his assassin. 

Without warning, Meghan finds herself embroiled in a web of political intrigue and cybercrime, where the deception runs deep and crosses continents. Oblivious to the full extent of the danger, and unable to know who to trust, Meghan takes her young son and goes on the run. From New York to Toronto and on to London, they are pursued by a ruthless killer who knows Meghan better than she knows herself. 

Suddenly, every decision she makes has a life or death implication. And as the body count rises rapidly, Meghan plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse which sees her options narrow until she is forced to either STEP UP OR DIE. 

REVENGE is due to be released on 7 October 2019

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The shocking start to a compelling crime series you need to read! Perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, Angela Marsons, Patricia Gibney and Leigh Russell.

Why are dead bodies appearing when no one has been reported missing…?

When mutilated female corpses are discovered in shallow woodland graves it becomes apparent that a serial killer is at large

With no one reported missing, no apparent motive and no obvious suspect the investigation proves to be far from straightforward.

As suspicion falls upon those associated with the privately-owned woodland, it soon becomes clear that there are sinister secrets they are determined to hide.

Detective Inspector Jemima Huxley is put in charge of the case. 

But Jemima has dark secrets of her own…

Can Jemima lay her personal demons to rest? Or will the case threaten to overwhelm her?


And can she catch the killer before more women turn up dead…?

REVENGE is the first crime novel in a new British detective series featuring DI Jemima Huxley - a dark serial killer thriller with a shocking twist.


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Addicted to Crime Thrillers

On 1st October 2019 Sapere Books' website featured a blog entry written by Gaynor, entitled

Not only does this feature explain why Gaynor is a crime thriller junkie, it also gives some background to her protagonist Detective Inspector Jemima Huxley.


Embracing technology

On 20th September 2019 Crime Cymru published a blog entry written by Gaynor, entitled


It's all about the books

On 7th August 2017 Dee-Cee kindly featured Step Up or Die in her blog,

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