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Sept 2022 book 6 signing
Joffe Books announces book 6 signing.JPG
20th September 2022
Joffe Books sign for Jemima Huxley book 6
Joffe Books announce that Associate Commissioning Editor Steph Carey has signed the sixth book in the DI Jemima Huxley Crime Thriller series.
May 2022 Publication Day
Publication day for Leighton Meadow Killings.JPG
5th May 2022
The Leighton Meadow Killings is published
Greetings from the Crime Writers' Association (among others) on publication day for Book 4 of the DI Jemima Huxley Crime Thriller series.
April 2022 Blog Tour
Blog Tour Banner - Leighton Meadow.jpg
26th April 2022
The Leighton Meadow Killings - blog tour
The Blog Tour for Book 4 in the DI Jemima Huxley Crime Thriller series has been arranged. The tour will commence on publication day - 5th May 2022 - and run for 8 days.
April 2022 cover reveal
Joffe Books Leighton Meadow cover reveal 12 Apr.JPG
12th April 2022
Cover reveal for The Leighton Meadow Killings
Joffe Books announce the cover reveal for Book 4 in the DI Jemima Huxley Crime Thriller series, which is to be published 5th May 2022, and is available now to pre-order!
April 2022 1 of 5 in top 100
Joffe making waves in Kindle top 100 (Briarmarsh Close Killings).JPG
1st April 2022
The Briarmarsh Close Killings making its mark
Book 2 of the DI Jemima Huxley Crime Thriller series is one of 5 Joffe Books publications in the Amazon top 100, having only been published earlier that week.
March 2022 #46 in store
Steph Carey commenting on Cardiff Killings at #46 29 Mar oblong.JPG
29th March 2022
The Cardiff Killings reaches #46 in store!
Book 1 of the DI Jemima Huxley Crime Thriller series reaches #46 in the Amazon store, shortly after publication.
Mar 2022 Announcement
Joffe five book deal for DI Huxley.JPG
2nd March 2022
Joffe Books announces signing in 5-book deal
Joffe Books announce in social media the acquisition of Gaynor's DI Jemima Huxley crime thriller series in a five-book deal.
Nov 2021 Gaynor signs
Joffe Books logo 2.JPG
November 2021
Gaynor signs with Joffe Books
Gaynor becomes Steph Carey's first signing as Associate Commissioning Editor, securing the rights to the first 5 books in the Jemima Huxley Crime Thrillers series. In 'The Bookseller' (9 Nov 2021) Steph states, "As soon as I read Gaynor's submission I knew she was the perfect fit for us. Her protagonist, Detective Jemima Huxley, is so wonderfully real and flawed and I can't wait to see how her personal storyline develops over the series."
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